DG Set On Hire



We offer prompt genset rental services so as to provide utmost satisfaction to our clients. Besides this, we offer diesel generators which consume fuel economically. These services are provided for short as well as long duration of time as per the requirement of the clients. We provide a 24X7 emergency service.

Why should you rent gensets?

We offer a wide range of gensets on rent for short and long term to suit business needs and requirements. We provide generator sets from 15 KVA to 1250 KVA. Renting gensets make a lot of sense owing to these factors:

  • No need to make huge investments for aquiring the generating sets.
  • Establishing a new enterprise needs more cash flow for the production rather than capital investment.
  • Instant expansion can demand the instant growth for power requirement.
  • Process industry requires backup for critical loads.
  • You have a need for short term additional power.
  • SEB supply is not immediately available.
  • Seasonal requirements for additional power.
  • Inconsistent and poor quality SEB power.
  • Limit your maximum demand with SEBs.
  • Need for limited power during your planned plant shut downs.
  • Even brand new generating sets are available for long term commitments (atleast 3 years).