Power Calculator


Electrical Power Calculators

The following calculators are provided to help you determine the size of generator required for your specific application. Other calculators on this page are for unit conversions and other power related calculations.

Calculation Guide to Standard Uints
Power Calculator Kilo Volt Amperes
Converting kVA to kW KiloWatts (1000 watts = 1 kW)
Converting kW to kVA Ampere (Volt-Amperes or Current)
Converting kW to HP Volts
Amperes when kVA is known Power Factor
kVA Required to run motors Percent Efficiency %EFF Horse Power

Power Requirement Calculator:

Phase Volts Required (V) Amperes (I) Power = Power (kW)
1 380 240 .8 Evalute
3 1.0

Converting kW to kVA

kW = kVA
480 Evalute

Converting kVA to kW

kVA = kW
600 Evalute

Converting kW to HP

kW = HP
50 Evalute

What size genset is needed to start a 3 phase electric motor Direct on Line (DOL) start

HP of = Generator
Motor Generator kVA Required
85 Evalute

Calculating Amperes (when you know kVA)

Phase (1,2,3) Generator kVA Volts Required = Ampere 1
1 500 240 Evalute